Visiting Enterprise

Enterprise has a wealth of attractions, both historical and contemporary, to make it a destination for visitors year-round. The Boll Weevil Monument is known worldwide, and Fort Rucker is a destination for many.

“Ozark/Enterprise, Ala. - A favorite with military retirees, the small towns of Ozark and Enterprise combine exceptionally low home prices with quality living.  A nice home can be bought for $75,000, an enormous luxury home for $200,000.  Because it’s located near Fort Rucker, a helicopter training center, military families fondly remember their stays here when making retirement plans.  Military and civilian employees of the Panama Canal Zone are also relocating here.  The result is a cosmopolitan makeup of the population, with all states and many foreign countries represented.  Just a short drive takes you to either the Atlantic Ocean or the Gulf of Mexico for fishing and beach fun.”

Consumers Digest

October 1998 issue p.68
"The Best Places to Retire in America"
Article by John Howells

Boll Weevil Monument
Army Aviation Museum
Rawls Hotel Building
Fort Rucker

Comfort Inn
615 Boll Weevil Circle

Days Inn
716 Boll Weevil Circle

Ramada Inn
630 Glover Ave

Villager Lodge
101 Access Road

Holiday Inn Express
9 North Pointe Blvd

Downtown Dining
Rawls Restaurant:
Open M-S, 11-2:00 PM, Dinner M-S, 5-9:00 PM

Carlisle House On Main
Open for lunch M-F, 11-2:00 PM

Magnolia Room:
Open for lunch 11-2:00PM

Annie’s (Pool Room):
Open M-S, 6:00 AM-7:00PM

Arthur Deli:
M-F, lunchtime