Planning Commission



P lanning Commission

Authority: Code of Alabama 1975 Sect. 11-52-80 

Term of Appointment: Six year term


Under Code Section 11-52-B: prepare and adopt a master (comprehensive) plan.

Under Code Section 11-52-7;11-52-79: hold public hearings and forward recommendations to the city council concerning the adoption and amendment of the zoning ordinance.

Under Code Section 11-52-31: adopt and administer subdivision regulations for the city and for its planning jurisdiction.

Under Code Section 11-52-6: promote the public interest in and understanding of the comprehensive plan; when necessary, recommend programs for public structures and improvements; consult and advise with public officials and agencies, utilities, civic, educational, professional and other organizations and with citizens with relation to protecting and implementing the plan.


James (J.C.) Gant             Chairperson                                  10/01/02  through 10/31/08

Ed Sherling                                                                          04/20/04  through  04/30/10

Ronald Carter                 Vice-Chairperson                             12/01/02  through  12/31/08

Bobby Hancock                                                                    08/06/02  through  08/30/08

John McLean                                                                        09/01/03  through  08/31/09

R. Bryan Thompson                                                              10/01/03  through  09/30/09

Alfred Townsend                                                                   03/06/01  through  03/06/07

Thad Morgan                                                                        02/13/03  through  09/30/04

Stephen McCollough      Recording Secretary  

The Planning Commission meets the fourth Tuesday of every month at 4:30 in council chambers.