Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  When should I place container by the curb?

A.  Containers should be placed at the curb by 7:00 AM the morning of your garbage collection day. 
      Remove your empty container from the curb no later than 7:00 PM. Under no circumstances are
      containers to be left out overnight.

Q. What is acceptable to place in my container?

A. Only household trash and garbage is acceptable.

Q. What is NOT acceptable to place in your container?

A. Do NOT put yard waste, construction, remodling, metal, or demolition debris in the
    container. Do NOT put concrete, dirt, rocks, sod, sand, plaster, hot ashes, tires, 
    automobile parts or batteries, chemical materials, toxic materials flammable items, or
    liquid paint in the container.

Q. Who should I call if my garbage has been missed?

A. You may call the Sanitation Department between the hours of 7:00 AM - 3:00 PM          
    Monday thru Friday at 334-348-2665.

Q. How do I get Garbage Service started?


A. You will need to go to the Water Department located at City Hall on 501
    S. Main  
and complete the necessary paperwork, a small deposit maybe 



Q. Who should I contact regarding my Garbage Service Bill?


A. The Water Department at 334/347-1211 ext. 2250.



Q.  How can I dispose of paint cans or spray cans that still have paint in them?


A.  Paint cans, must be completely dry before disposing of in your household garbage.

     Dry the paint in the paint cans, by taking the paint can lids off and placing them outside in

     the sun for a few days or by spreading the paint onto a piece of cardboard to insure proper

     drying of paint.  Spray cans, must be completely empty before disposing of in your

     household garbage. Spray out all paint in spray cans onto a piece of cardboard to insure

     they are completely empty.


Q. How can I dispose of Oil, Grease or Transmission Fluid?


A. Oil, Grease and Transmission Fluid may be brought to The City Shop located at

    529 Glover Avenue.


Q. How do I dispose of used Batteries?


A. Batteries may be brought into The City Shop located at 529 Glover Avenue.


Q. How can I dispose of Tires?  Is there a charge?


A. Tires may be brought to The City Shop located at 529 Glover Avenue.

    Yes, the charge is $1.00 per car tire, $3.00 per truck tire and $15.00 per tractor tire.


Q.  What are County Items?


A.   County items are considered to be solid waste. They are items that are too

       large to fit in your household garbage container or items that should not be placed    

       in with your household garbage such as old furnishings, appliances, computers, etc…


Q. How can I dispose of appliances?  Where can I take an appliance      

        if, I want to dispose of it myself?


A. Appliances can be placed curbside and picked on your scheduled garbage day.

     Please contact the Sanitation Department a few days in advance and advise them

     of what type of appliance you will be needing picked up. Appliances can also be

     brought to the Transfer Station located outside the Public Works building.


Q. How do I dispose of old furniture items? 


  A.  You may set old furniture items out on your scheduled garbage day for pick-up of

        county debris there is a $50.00 charge plus an additional Tipping Fee, if you have

        a full trailer load.  The Sanitation Department places trailers out for the weekend

        which are located in different areas of Enterprise for residential convenience. 

        These trailers are primarily for COUNTY ITEMS ONLY, no appliances, tires,

        household garbage or hazardous chemicals should put in them.


Q. Where are the Weekend Trailers located?


A. LOCATIONS:            1. Corner of Lester & Lee

                                   2. Morgan Square behind Hardees

                                   3. Civic Center

                                   4. City Hall

                                   5. Grinding Site (Permit Required)

Q. I have a lot of yard debris that I would like to have picked up. What are the

     requirements? Is there an additional charge?


A. Yard debris is collected in accordance with the City of Enterprise Code of

    Ordinance under Section 19-48 (1)  Trees or parts of trees not more than 6 inches in  

    diameter and cut less than 6 feet in length will be collected if neatly stacked or piled

    alongside the curb, but in no case will rubbish or parts of trees be placed in the street.  

     Yes, there is a $25.00 charge only if we pick up a FULL trailer load of yard debris.

Where can I take my yard debris if I have missed my scheduled pick-up day?

Yard debris can be taken to the Grinding Site located on East Drive 

       Coppinville  Road. The Grinding Site is for City of Enterprise, RESIDENTS, Only 
        and a permit must be obtained from the Public Works Department before use 
        of the Grinding Site, proof of residency will be verified.

Grinding Site Hours of Operation

Monday-Saturday 7:00-6:00 (5:00 when time changes in the Fall)

                Sunday                  7:00-5:00

Q. In the event, a
Holiday falls on my scheduled day for Garbage or  

     Recycling what should I do?

A.  Please refer to the Holiday Schedule located under the Sanitation Department.