Our main function is to protect and serve the citizens of Enterprise. We attempt to do through current and innovative techniques, such as use of K-9 units on patrol, a bicycle patrol program, and a traffic enforcement program that will result in fewer traffic crashes and injuries in those crashes. We also concentrate on many other aspects of law enforcement that were previously considered nontraditional. Community Policing is one of these. This philosophy is deep-rooted in the soul of the Enterprise Police Department. Secondly, we strive to be a family oriented organization, to be openly involved with as many local events as possible. Whether it be sponsering a team in the American Cancer Society Annual Relay for Life, working with MDA on jail for bail, or caring for local needs, the Enterprise Police Department is truly part of the community.

There are many programs in existence that are designed to both educate and get the community openly involved in crime prevention. We have a vastly growing D.A.R.E. program currently consisting of two full time officers. The D.A.R.E. program is designed to inform the students of the Enterprise School System of the dangers of drugs and violence.The Citizen's Police Academy is a ten week course open to the public. This course is designed to give students a glimpse of the everyday life of a police officer.

For those individuals who seek a more active involvement in crime prevention and law enforcement,there are currently 3 programs that focus on community action. The first is C.O.P.S. program is designed to have community members work along side Police Personnel in order to identify problem areas and to improve the city.The second program is the Enterprise Police Reserves is a group or citizens who act as back-up to the regular Police Force. The third program is the Enterprise Police Explorers (which is designed to provide young men and women ages 14-20 a chance to be educated in in the field of law enforcement).

It has been said that law enforcment isn't a profession, but a passion! This statement is known to be true to anyone who has ever been involoved in the field. Stress and anxiety are high in not only the law enforcement officers, but in thier families as well. We have establised two groups to help our officers and thier families cope with the pressures of the this profession. The first is a focus on community action. The first is L.O.O.P.P. (Loved Ones of Police Personel) is a group of spouses, relatives, and friends of Enterprise Police Department employees who support each other during times of crisis. The Enterprise Police Department has recently added a Chaplain Program to assist our officers with difficult situations.

If you have any incidents that you feel should be reported, or have any questions or comments, please E-Mail us.