Specialized Programs

The following programs have been setup to improve the quality of our service. For more information on any of these programs please send an email to [email protected].


The Enterprise Police Department has been a luck recipient of additional traffic funding through the Alabama Department of Economic Development Office. This funding allows us to deploy additional officers for the purpose of traffic enforcement. We have targeted areas where there have been high crash rates. The object of the enforcement are those violations that have been contributed to the crashes, such as speeding and DUI's. We also make it an effort to increase seat belt and child restraint usage.

K-9 Units
It currently consists of 4 K-9's Buddy, Max, Chief, and Shadow. These K-9's assist the patrol in their daily operations and are called upon for their special talents in locating drugs and suspects.

Citizen's Police Academy
The Citizens Police Academy is a ten week course designed to give citizens a better understanding of the field of Police work. With class topics including K-9 operations, Narcotics Investigation, Building searches, self defense, and S.W.A.T. exercises, this program has many educational aspects that students benefit from. Please E-Mail for an application.

Enterprise Police Reserves
The Enterprise Police Reserves is a group who act as back-up to the regular Police Force. Reserve applicants must meet up to the same standards as regular officers. They are required to take monthly training sessions. The Reserve Officers perform a vital service to the community and police department.

Police Explorers
The Police Explorer program is part of the Boy Scouts of America program that allows young people of both sexes to learn about our profession. Their skill is tested at Local and National Competitions. They also have social activities sponsored by the Boy Scouts of America. One of the favorites was a skiing trip. Please Email us for more information.

Bicycle Patrol
Consists of several volunteer officers from all squads. While on duty these officers can elect to use bike patrol in areas of high incident and crime. Areas include but are not limited to shopping areas and Community Oriented Policing target areas.

C.O.P. (Community Oriented Policing)
The city of Enterprise has been targeted for C.O.P. in order to prevent high crime and incident opportunities. All four officers have recently been trained to be specialists in C.O.P.. We have banded together with members of the community to clean up the city and rid it of drugs and violence. This program operates out of the Community Policing Substation located at the Plaza Apartments on Plaza Drive.

Thank you for reading about these programs!