Press Release

Office of the Mayor Kenneth W. Boswell

April 19, 2007




            Thanks to the generosity of so many people, the Enterprise, Alabama tornado relief fund contains an excess of $679,656.22.  I want to personally thank those who gave so much during such a difficult time for our citizens. 


            Now that many have made application to FEMA and obtained some assistance, the time has come to provide supplemental help to those members of the public who were victims of the March 1, 2007 tornado and have continuing unmet needs.


            Pursuant to the action of the City Council, the City intends to begin transferring funds to a local, tax exempt charitable organization known as the Enterprise Area Chamber Foundation, Inc. so that assistance can immediately get to those in need. This group is made up of local community leaders who have experience in running efficient, fiscally responsible businesses while maintaining a strong sense of community in their endeavors.  These people know the value of a dollar but more importantly know the values of our community.


            The Chamber Foundation, through its designated Board members, will disburse the relief assistance based on objective criteria. This criteria includes the financial condition of individuals, the amount of uncompensated loss suffered in the storm and other factors which will insure the fair distribution of the assistance.


            The Chamber Foundation requested an advisory body, made up of other local citizens, who could make recommendation as to the distribution of assistance.  Pursuant to that request, the City has asked five individuals, Rev. Chester Hammond, Neal Brown, Pennie Kelley, Mary Merritt and Rev. Matt Smith to serve on a Citizensí Committee and advise the Chamber Foundation as to the distribution of funds. All of these individuals are volunteers who have pledged to have one primary objective: recommend help where help is needed most.


            Also, another group known as the Recovery Organization of Coffee County, lead by Rev. Kummel Fleming, Rev. Gary Daniel, Rev. Cavin Cawthon, Rev. Jim Endrihs and Mindy Collier have agreed to take on the enormously important task of seeking out those in need and reporting those needs to the Foundation advisory committee.  


            All those individuals who need help and have unmet needs, please call 347-1011 or 347-1014 to begin the process. Alternatively, an individual can go to the Recovery Organization of Coffee County at 202 Edwards Street (right next to the First United Methodist Church Family Life Center). Days and hours of operation for this location is Tuesday through Friday from 10:00am until 5:00pm.  It is important for those who need assistance to either call the number or go to 202 Edwards Street.  Individuals should not contact the City or the Chamber Foundation.




The following criteria will be used in evaluating whether to grant assistance and how much assistance  should be given, if any:

        Financial condition of the proposed recipient.  Is the individual suffering personal, financial hardship such that the receipt of basic necessities has been jeopardized.

        Extent to which the proposed recipient has exhausted all available public and private assistance (e.g, insurance, FEMA, SBA, etc.)

        Proof of residency in affected areas

        Extent of loss (Did the individual suffer significant loss of property not sufficiently covered by applicable insurance or available public assistance)

        Other circumstances which justify an obvious need of assistance