Odd/Even Water Schedule Still In Effect As Of July 23, 2007

Odd/Even Water Schedule Implemented As Of  May 30, 2007 Is Still In Effect As Of July 23, 2007

Released May 29, 2007 – During the Spring and Summer months, the City of Enterprise is experiencing drought conditions and must implement Article 5 Water Conservation, Section 13-136, Stage 2 of the City Ordinance to help preserve water. Originally the effective date was June 1, but is now being amended to MAY 30, 2007. On May 30, all residents must adhere to an odd/even watering schedule to help conserve the city’s resources. All irrigation systems that use hose sprinklers or buried sprinklers for watering lawns, gardens, landscaped areas, trees, shrubs, and other plants must adhere to the following water schedule:

1.)    Odd-numbered street addresses will water on Monday, Wednesday, & Friday.

2.)    Even-numbered street addresses will water on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday.

3.)    There will be NO watering on Sunday.


The city would like to emphasize that the odd/even stipulations are pertaining to STREET ADDRESSES and that there will be absolutely no watering on Sunday.

These rules do not apply to commercial nurseries, newly sodden lawns for 2 weeks after the sod is applied, or any handheld garden hose or water container. These can be used any day for small areas that might need more watering, but residents should be advised to only use the water that is necessary. Residents are also encouraged to conserve water in any other way possible.

Mayor Kenneth Boswell asks that all residents comply immediately. “Because we have not seen any rain, we feel this is necessary. Irrigation systems put the most strain on our system and we want to make sure we take precautionary measures to ensure our citizen’s safety. If everyone complies, this will be a smooth transition.”

These restrictions are being strictly enforced by the Enterprise Water Works Board and the Enterprise Police Department. Residents will be notified of violations with a red door tag. First offenders will receive a warning and must comply within 30 minutes. A second offense will result in disconnected service and a $50.00 reconnect fee. A third offense will require a $200.00 reconnect fee and a fourth offense will require a $500.00 reconnect fee.

In addition to the water restrictions, the Enterprise Fire Department is also issuing a burn ban due to the dry conditions. This ban applies to all outdoor open pit flames. BBQ grills are exempt.

The City will keep the public informed as to when these restrictions will be lifted. Anyone with questions should call City Hall at 347-1211 or look at the ordinances on the website by clicking on  the following link City of Enterprise Ordinances.